Craig Dale - August 14, 2022

The Great Divide

This week James is going to take us into one of the great divides that exists in our world. It existed when James wrote his letter in the first century, and it exists to this day in the 21st. This one divide has been present throughout time and history, in civilization after civilization, and has single-handedly caused the most conflict, the greatest number of wars, and the greatest number of social problems. James invites us to ask: "Where do I need to invite God’s power to do a work in my life?"

Scripture References: James 5:1-11

From Series: "A Man Named James"

There is no other writing in the Bible quite like the letter of James. In direct, blunt-style, James (the half-brother of Jesus) shares wisdom on overcoming challenges that can trip us up and keep us from growing to maturity as Christ-followers. The closest thing to wisdom literature in the New Testament – it’s kind of like the "Proverbs of the New Testament." And the wisdom found in this short book is as relevant today as it was in the first century. If you want a primer on living out a life in Christ, this is it: trials, patience, relationships, self-control, God's will ... it's all here.

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